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X Factor: Mary Byrne teases Wagner’s new love interest!

Mary Byrne has admitted that Wagner Carillho has his eye on some unlucky lady on the X Factor tour.

The ageing Lothario had been rumoured to be chasing Byrne, eager to catch her eye and win her heart while he appeared on the ITV show. However, in a chat with Utv, the Dublin born belter revealed that Wagner was only ever interested in her friendship. She told Malachi Cush (who you may remember from BBC’s Fame Academy):

I can reveal that Wagner has an eye for somebody else. Wagner has found a good friend in me but it wasn’t me that Wagner was interested in. Wagner was interested in my friendship because we get on well and I understand him and he understands me ……he’s quite a nice guy. He can be a bit full on sometimes but he means well.

When pressed for more details on the lady’s identity,

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