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Kimora Lee Simmons talks spreading fabulosity to every woman

On this past season of Style's "Life in the Fab Lane," fans watched as Kimora Lee Simmons said goodbye to Baby Phat, the fashion company she founded in 1991. She was left with the white walls of a new office and having to start again with a new husband, a new baby son and sheer fabulosity to drive her.

"We could have never planned that all these things would go on this season," Kimora tells Zap2it. "We could never map this out."

So, Kimora being, well, Kimora, she decided that she needed to do something that helped represent her and where she was in her life. So, she undertook an ambitious event with the nonprofit organization, Dress for Success, which she believed represented her message and where she was in her life.

"These women come from all walks of life," she says. "These women have been in prison, some have been drug addicts,

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