'Serious Sam' Indie Series Announced, Multiple Spin-offs Incoming

Croteam is busy working on bringing gleeful, blood-soaked gobs of joy to the world in "Serious Sam 3: Bfe," but there are many, many stories to be told about Sam Stone and the bizarre world he lives in. Enter Croteam and Devolver Digital's newly announced "Serious Sam Indie Series," which puts the license in the hands of noted indie developers and tasks them with making a "Serious" game in each one's own unique style.

The plan is to support multiple platforms and really just let each development team fly their particular brand of freak flag in coming up with a unique take on Sam's adventures. The initial trio is "set to rock everything from PCs to mobile platforms to consoles," according to the press release.

The three games are: "Serious Sam: Double D," by Mommy's Best Games ("Weapon of Choice"), a console/PC-based side-scrolling shooter; "Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack," by

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