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The Murder Game

Year:  2007Director:  Robert HarariCast:  Steve Polites, Katie Sirk, Samuel Klin, Max Hambleton, Ariana Almajan

A group of high school friends develop and regularly play their own "murder game," which is similar to good, old fashioned hide and seek.  One of them is elected to be the killer by drawing a specific card. The others have no idea who the killer is and the group splits up and hides and the elected killer "kills" anyone he or she can find. The person who can figure out the identity of the killer first wins the game. Understandably, their parents do not approve of the game so forbid their children to participate in it.  However, being teenagers,  they find a way around this obstacle by sneaking into a large indoor storage facility to play the murder game safely away from the possibility of parents discovering what they are up to.  Unfortunately, they are not alone,

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