Bob Geldof in Mauvaise Fille Film Inspired by Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy

Bob Geldof involved in an upcoming movie project – now that’s a good news, right? Wait until you hear the rest of it!

According to the latest reports, Geldof is attached to star in the French film Mauvaise Fille. You can find Bad Girl translation on the internet, but I guess that actually means Bad Daughter.

One thing is for sure – this movie is actually an adaptation of Justine Levy‘s book of the same name, and for the rest of the details, check out the rest of the report. Trust me, it’s interesting enough!

Geldof, musician and activist, will star as French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy, or should we say – a character closely based on Levy, one of France’s most famous public intellectuals. Just in case you’re wondering what’s so special about Bernard-Henri Levy, we’re here to answer that question.

Levy, (often referred to today,

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