Radiation Plume Hits Alaska

As the plume from Japan's meltdown blows toward the U.S., residents of Alaska's Aleutian Islands are adjusting. Alexandra Gutierrez reports on the biggest local worry: the health of the fish. Plus, California's nuclear freakout and more Japan crisis coverage.

For the past week, Unalaska-the most populous island on the Aleutian Chain-has seen jaw-dropping sunrises. The snow-covered ridges have glowed pink and sherbet orange rather than their typical gray, and the unusually pleasant weather has been the most talked-about subject in this fishing town. But the radioactive cloud that could put an end to these sunny days? A close number two.

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"What a beautiful morning," wrote resident Laresa Syverson on Facebook this Monday, just as anxiety over the nuclear crisis in Japan was settling in. "The mountains seem to be radiating." That post popped up in my newsfeed between

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