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Morning Meme: "Cinema Verite" Sets a Date, Getting To Know Gay Muppeteer Richard Hunt, and Colfer and Criss Discuss the Kiss

These are big, big Glee spoilers. Most of it you knew, even if you didn’t “know.” It has to be this way to move the plot forward. Still, majorly spoilery. But also, the Kurt/Blaine stuff makes me very happy.

WWE is going to partner with GLAAD to embed anti-bullying messaging into their shows, which are marketed as PG entertainment. While the dialog between WWE and GLAAD began after homophobic remarks (scripted, mind you) by John Cena, I’m happy they’re trying this. I just wish I knew how you made professional wrestling “anti-bully.”

Quentin Tarantino is suing his neighbor over his “intolerably loud macaws.” This is not, despite all appearances, viral marketing for the release of Rio.

Nick Youngquest has teamed up with Nous Model Management to “Defend Equality.” While I’m happy about that, and how consistent Nick is in his advocacy, I suppose what you

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