Film Review: Bradley Cooper’s ‘Limitless’ Unlocks 100% of Hollywood’s Ridiculousness

Chicago – If you’re not easily susceptible to vertigo and can survive the intro cut scene, “Limitless” proceeds to treat you to one part thrill ride and one part exercise in ridiculousness. While we often go to the movies to escape, “Limitless” manipulatively exploits our deepest and darkest desires for wealth, power and Google-like global conquests.

Rating: 2.0/5.0

The film’s frustrations start and end with its story, which was written for the screen by Leslie Dixon based on the novel by Alan Glynn. Dixon, who has come a long way from “Mrs. Doubtfire” with this immediate-gratification film that goes out one ear just as fast as it enters the other, bases her premise on an experimental, non-fda-approved drug with no street name.

Predictable with every try at a twist or turn, even if your brain got extracted from your head you’d still be able to channel from it the

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