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As if You Need a Movie Title to Know The Asylum Was Born Bad

While The Asylum's priorites in recent years have focused on mockbusters and outlandish "mega" movies, raunchy sex comedies, and even some Christian baiting flicks to boot, one should not forget that in the beginning they actually churned out original horror. Could Born Bad be a return to their early days?

The Asylum has just announced the thriller Born Bad starring Meredith Monroe (pictured; "Dawson's Creek", "Criminal Minds"), Bonnie Dennison (Stake Land, "Guiding Light"), Michael Welch (The Twilight Saga, "Joan of Arcadia"), and David Chokachi ("Baywatch", "Witchblade").

"When a rebellious girl from a good family falls for the town drifter, she unwittingly brings a psychopath into her loving home."

That's all we know at this time about the thriller from actor turned writer-director Jared Cohn, who years ago had small roles in such Asylum originals as Way of the Vampire and Legion of the Dead. Given the vagueness of that premise,

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