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‘The Door’ does deliver some genuinely heart-stopping moments.

The Door / Die Tür

Director: Anno Saul

Written by Anno Saul

2009, Germany

Glowering Danish sex god Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) comes face to face with himself in director Anno Saul’s German fantasy thriller, The Door. It’s one of many head-scratching moments in a film that flirts with different genres and ideas, from time-travel, horror and homicidal doppelgangers to old-fashioned redemptive drama. Narrative coherence isn’t its strong point, but The Door does deliver some genuinely heart-stopping moments.

Artist David Andernach (Mikkelsen), leaves his young daughter Leonie (Valeria Eisenbart) alone in the garden of their suburban house so he can visit his mistress. His afternoon delight turns into a nightmare, when he returns to find the girl drowned in the swimming pool. Five years pass, and a clumsily scripted scene reveals that David is now divorced from his wife Maja (Jessica Schwarz) and in a suicidal state. Then a

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