Siren Visual obtains Welcome to the Nhk & Kaiba

Mark your calendar Australians! June 17 welcomes the release of the darkly satirical Welcome to the Nhk, which dramatises the  outrageous interior life of isolationist Sato Tatsuhiro. Part of a growing silent majority of 'hikikomori', which is to say a socially withdrawn university drop out whose existence for the past four years has consisted primarily of being barricaded inside his apartment. Welcome to the Nhk fashions a compelling love story from the psychological residue of self-imposed loneliness, paranoia and alienation.June also sees Siren unveil the highly anticipated  Kaiba. Recipient of an excellence prize for animation at the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival and helmed by Masaaki Yuasa, the award winning director behind the mind-blowing Mind Game, Kaiba fashions a dream world where memories are recorded and relived time...

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