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The Door DVD Review

Based on the bestselling novel Die Damalstuer by Akif Pirincci (Germany’s equivalent of Stephen King) The Door follows successful artist David Andernach (Mads Mikkelsen) who seemingly has the perfect life; he has a beautiful wife and child and lives in a large home in an affluent suburb. However one day when he’s meant to be looking after his daughter Leonie (Veleria Eisenbart) whilst his wife Maja (Jessica Schwarz) is working; he decides to pay a visit to his neighbour and mistress Gia (Heike Makatsch) instead of taking his daughter out into the forest to catch butterflies. When he returns he finds that Leonie is nowhere to be seen and soon discovers that she has drowned in their pool.

Cut to five years later and we see David as a broken man who’s desperate for forgiveness from Maja, who he is now divorced from, and unable to paint.

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