Indie Zombie Apocalyptic Preview: The First Ten Minutes from Kantz's Project Purgatory Beijing are Here!

Modus Operandi Pictures is developing, arguably, one of the first zombie styled martial arts thrillers with Project Purgatory Beijing. This project is currently in development and director Kantz (Wasteland) has set this film in China. Here, a plague-like virus decimates most of civilization. The survivors prove to be a heady crew, consisting of various military personnel. Check out the first ten minutes on this feature below. And hopefully, Kantz's latest film finds a distributor and that this film doesnot live up to its title.

The synopsis for Project Purgatory Beijing:

"Martial arts mayhem, combined with gamer style action meets the zombie apocalypse in a full out war against the undead in Project Purgatory Beijing. China, a deadly designer virus has decimated the country leaving very few people alive. A side effect of the virus has turned the dead into raging, savage cannibals, and they are hungry. A handful of

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