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Kate Walsh Talks Playing A Lesbian

Kate Walsh Talks Playing A Lesbian

Kate Walsh has stepped back into a world she's come to know so well.

The "Private Practice," star headlines a new indie drama called "Angels Crest," in which she plays a lesbian artist in a small-town tale alongside Jeremy Piven and Mira Sorvino. The perhaps oxymoronic gruff artist was a role she very much enjoyed.

"I loved the character, and the relationship between her and her partner was really interesting to me," Walsh told The Advocate. "There's humor in how she's an artist and kind of gruff and no-nonsense. It's a really beautiful film."

Of course, this isn't Walsh's first time playing a lesbian. In 2005, she played a lesbian in the indie film "Inside Out"; In 2003, Walsh played Sandra Oh's partner in "Under the Tuscan Sun," and had a two episode arc on "Karen Sisco." Walsh played a transexual in a "CSI" guest spot.

Obviously, it's a role Walsh doesn't shy away from.

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