A Sexy, Young, American "Miss Marple"

There's updating, and then there's taking the piss.

Disney Pictures has closed months of negotiations to capture the film rights to Agatha Christie’s detective Miss Marple says The Hollywood Reporter.

In surprising news though, the studio is making drastic changes in their approach to the character of Jane Marple. Gone is the elderly spinster who resides in the quaint pre-WW2 village of St. Mary Mead. In this version she'll be a young, modern day and possibly American city girl - and no, this is not a satire.

Jennifer Garner is set to produce through her Vandalia Films and will likely star in the new adaptation. Mark Frost, who co-created "Twin Peaks" and penned the "Fantastic Four" movies, will be penning the script.

The changeover is rather disturbing to say the least. The entire point of the character is that her small English village life and kind, unassuming outward appearance

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