Remembering The Young Marrieds, 45 Years Later

Remembering "The Young Marrieds" – 45 Years Later

By Rob Wargo

Forty-five years ago – March 25, 1966, to be exact – ABC aired the 380th and final episode of The Young Marrieds, a companion series of sorts to General Hospital, launched approximately 18 months prior to Tym’s debut on October 5, 1964. The series was produced in Los Angeles by Selmur Productions, the same in-house production company responsible for producing General Hospital, and purportedly was set in the same town as Gh, although there was no interaction between the characters in the respective series. Tym was created by James Elward and written by him and Frances Rickett. During its 18 months on the air, Tym faced stiff competition from CBS’ The Edge Of Night and NBC’s You Don't Say. Although the show ranked tenth out of seventeen soaps for the 1965-1966 season, ABC still decided to cancel the series. Tym had replaced Queen For A Day on the ABC Daytime schedule,

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