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New Release: Extraordinary Minds: Noam Chomsky DVD

On May 31, Extraordinary Minds: Noam Chomsky, an entry in author Dr. Howard Gardner’s series of contemporary lectures and conversations with the world’s most renowned intellectuals who have used their minds to help shape the world, will be released on DVD by Kultur.

Noam Chomsky fulfills the requirements for Extraordinary Minds.

Inspired by Gardner’s 1997 book Extraordinary Minds, Five Minds For The Future, the respected author sits down with Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor at M.I.T. within the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy and the author of such critical treatises as Aspects of the Theory of Syntax and Knowledge of Language: Its Nature, Origins, and Use for an unscripted, candid conversation about linguistics, philosophy, the history of intellectualism, the state of the world and where he thinks it’s going.

Produced and directed by Rob Massey, the program has a running time of approximately 50 minutes.

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