News: Ambridge, Tika Sumpter, Bradford Anderson, Ashley Judd

First Listen: Ambridge Extra, BBC Radio 4 Extra

The first voice we heard had an American accent, of the Deep South persuasion (badly affected, in the great tradition of radio drama), recanting about the importance of marriage. Listeners were promised a trip out of the safety of Ambridge – but across the Atlantic? Perhaps not though – with the clunky insertion of a date, listeners old and new know they are hearing something that happened last year: "The Wedding March" and pealing bells quieten, and with the introduction of some unfamiliar voices, we are with Alice Carter, née Aldridge, and her Southampton University friends watching the DVD of her Las Vegas wedding to Christopher Carter – a source of great controversy in Ambridge at the time.

Tika Sumpter: I always want to have something to offer

"I hope to be doing more film and maybe musical theater. I want to have a solid,

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