Exclusive: Director Rob Masciantonio announces his next project, Fairyland

Director Rob Masciantonio who brought us the epic gorefest that was Neighbor has given us a heads up on what's next for him. He's announced his next project will be a short film called Fairyland and has plans to submit it to Sundance this summer.

Fairlyland deals with taking characters from myths and fables and puts them in a world where Soprano-types are real. There's a Facebook page set up for the short now so head over and check it out.

Personally I've read the script and it looks like a lot of twisty fun, especially at the end of course! There will be several Neighbor alumnus joining Masciantonio on this project including Pete Postiglione, Stink Fisherand Brea Bee with Josh Bender producing and you might even get to see a "certain geek" appear in it somewhere, who knows.

Plot and info:

The multiple award winning team behind “Cold Hearts

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