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Jean Harlow-Mark Vieira Interview Pt.2 – Harlow 'a Bigger Star in the 1940s'

Jean Harlow, National Air Race director Cliff Henderson (top); Jean Harlow, Lee Tracy directed by Victor Fleming (Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz) on the set of Bombshell; cinematographer Harold Rosson, with whom Harlow was briefly married, is at the camera (middle); Jean Harlow by the pool of her Beverly Glen home (bottom) Jean Harlow-Mark Vieira Interview Part I What are your impressions of Jean Harlow as an actress? Do you have a favorite movie and/or performance? Harlow only became an actress under the expert tutelage of MGM drama coaches. I think she’s really great in both China Seas and Wife vs. Secretary. Jean Harlow and Paul Bern. What brought those two together? Harlow needed a father figure to guide her. Bern needed a rescue project. Neither person expected the consequences. What about Jean Harlow and William Powell? How did their relationship develop? Both

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