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Clip joint: fake deaths

It's time to smear some ketchup over your chest as we pay our respects to cinema's attempts at playing dead

Jesus Christ, William Wallace, Bambi's mother. A great movie death can haunt many a young fan. It can also haunt many a studio executive, an elegant freeze frame here, a great franchise opportunity dead there. Don't believe me? Check out this disaster.

But if you yearn to harness the power of a screen death, yet want to avoid the messy inconvenience of the loss of a protagonist there is an alternative: fake it.

Bambi's mother didn't simulate death as part of an undercover sting, to rob a Vegas casino, or second-guess a homicidal boyfriend. Disney decided to traumatise its young audience with the full dead parent shebang. However, it never stooped as low as Warner Brothers managed for The Dark Knight.

1) An allegory for "the war on terror"? A war on camp characters,

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