Terry Pratchett documentary to show assisted suicide

BBC2 programme by Discworld author and Alzheimer's sufferer to show a terminally ill man's last moments in a Dignitas clinic

The last moments of a terminally ill British man who travelled to a Swiss suicide clinic will be shown in a documentary presented by the author and euthanasia campaigner Sir Terry Pratchett.

The writer, who was diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer's disease in 2008, is shown at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland with the 71-year-old motor neurone disease sufferer named only as Peter.

Pratchett, best known for his international bestselling Discworld series, said he was "a firm believer in assisted death".

He said: "I believe everybody possessed of a debilitating and incurable disease should be allowed to pick the hour of their death. And I wanted to know more about Dignitas in case I ever wanted to go there myself."

In the hour-long film, which will be broadcast on BBC2 in the summer,

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