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Episode Recap: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 11.13: "The Two Mrs. Grissoms"

Taiko drums play at the Gilbert Foundation for the deaf and Sara (Jorga Fox) receives a text from Gil (William Petersen) saying he's needed in Peru on an investigation. Sara notices some shadows going at it in the bathroom. Gil tells her that the deaf love the vibrations from the drums. Julia (Marlee Maitlin) is the Head of the Department of Deaf Cultural studies and comments Sara must be 'The Other Mrs Grissom'. However, Gil's mother, Betty Grissom (Phyllis Frelich) replies that Sara kept her own name. Betty's proud of Julia and thinks of her as a daughter. She was Gil's ex. Dr Lambert (Anthony Natale) is the Director of the Foundation. Betty can't help sticking the boot in saying Gil's away a lot. Which Sara finds annoying to say the least. Dare I ask, was the Gilbert Foundation named for Gil. Outside Sara hears an explosion in the

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