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Idw Launches "Rocketeer Adventures"- July 2011

Idw's "Rocketeer Adventures" #3, available July 2011, is written by Joe R. Lansdale, Jonathan Ross, Ryan Sook and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, Ryan Sook, and Bruce Timm, with covers by Alex Ross and Dave Stevens.

"...The third rollicking issue of 'Rocketeer Adventures' goes from high-spirited pulp adventures from a decidedly unexpected source, to the too-cool junior 'Rocketeer' brigade -- plus another rollicking tale, and a couple of beautiful pin-ups -- it just doesn't get any better than this..."

Created by writer/illustrator Dave Stevens, "The Rocketeer" superhero character debuted in 1982 as a comic book homage to the Saturday movie matinee heroes of the 1930's and 1940's.

The series focuses on 'Cliff Secord', a stunt pilot who discovers a mysterious jet pack that allows him to fly.

Set in 1938 Los Angeles, Stevens' "Rocketeer" adventures were influenced by Republic's "King of the Rocket Men" movie serial and syndicated "Commando Cody" TV series.

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