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Did Michelle Obama Get A Facelift? Top Plastic Surgeons Speak Out!

Has the First Lady gone under the knife? Is she using Botox or fillers to get her perfectly smooth look?

These days, Botox is as common as getting a manicure or your eyebrows waxed. It doesn’t last forever, but adds to a polished and professional look — and for Michelle Obama, looking presentable to the public is part of her job. So when the First Lady appeared looking extra-youthful on The View on April 18, consulted top plastic surgeons and dermatologists for their opinion on how the 47-year-old Mrs. Obama looks so fantastic.

NY-based plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Fallek thinks there may have been minor amounts of Botox used on the First Lady.

“[She] may have had a little Botox to the forehead and brow area for a small lift,” he said. ”No surgery suspected. On a still photo where you can’t see movement, the overly raised or arched or ‘Dr.

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