Cannes 2011: Jury Includes Jude Law, Uma Thurman and Oliver Assayas

As the time ticks on towards this year’s fest, the official Cannes Film Festival website has just sent me a Newsletter informing me of the Avengers style band of filmy people who will make up this year’s Grand Jury- lead in Captain America style (albeit a grumpy and grizzly version now) by Robert DeNiro. Among the list of eight are stellar actors Uma Thurman and Jude Law (stellar provided we forget the other Avengers movie, and the remake of Sleuth), writer/director Oliver Assayas (Carlos) and director Johnnie To (Election). The full list is as follows: Martina Gusman (actress and producer, Argentina) Nansun Shi (producer, Hong Kong/China) Uma Thurman (actress, scriptwriter, producer, USA) Linn Ullmann (writer,literary critic, Norway Olivier Assayas (director, France) Jude Law (actor, producer, UK) Mahamat Saleh Haroun (director, Chad) Johnnie To (director, producer, Hong Kong/China) What the names mean to the likely winners isn’t clear yet, but

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