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Exclusive Interview: Chad Michael Collins (Sniper: Reloaded)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chad Michael Collins, an up-and-coming actor to watch. Collins is really just starting out, having amassed such credits as Legion of the Dead (2005), Lake Placid 2 (2007), CSI: NY (TV), Greek (TV) and NCIS (TV), but he recently scored his biggest break yet, the one that could secure him serious interest from producers, directors, casting agents and audiences. He's the lead -- yup, the star -- of Sniper: Reloaded (2011), a direct-to-dvd sequel to the popular Sniper action films that starred Tom Berenger. Collins plays Berenger's son in the April 26 release from Sony Home Entertainment, but let's let him tell everyone about it -- and about himself, his career and aspirations -- in this exclusive interview. You've been steadily making your way up the Hollywood food chain. Take us to the day you landed the lead in Reloaded, and then, what was your experience like on set, being

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