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Abendland - review

Austrian director Nikolaus Geyrhalter's latest documentary is a nocturnal journey examining Europe's obsession with technology and security

The Austrian film director Nikolaus Geyrhalter makes documentaries with neither commentary nor music, bearing witness to a sick world. Pripyat, released in 1999, described the ghost town beside the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Six years later Our Daily Bread explored the world of processed food. Presented as a curtain-raiser for the Diagonale Austrian film festival in Graz and now on general release, his latest offering, Abendland, focuses on Europe's obsession with technology and security.

The word Abendland, the west in German, literally means "evening land", an implicit reference to our decadence. So what is so desirable about our lifestyle that makes so many people dream of partaking of it, and obliges us to raise walls to keep them out?

Geyrhalter addresses this question in several powerful sequences, formed by a relentless stream of pictures – he recorded 170 hours of material,

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