Poll: Imdb Top 250 Directors

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Directors and Their Long Films

Films can be pretty boring if their run-time is longer than expected. But, some movies need to be longer in order to give a better experience. Besides, not always do the longer movies bore us. Which of these directors make the best use of the time, in your opinion? Discuss the list here.

And the Most Overrated Director of All Time is...

The movie world has many film directors who receive countless praises from peer, critics and fans. Many are considered untouchable and are the subject of various commendations from those who critique the profession, whilst others have fiercely defensive fans who are quick to defend their favorite directors. Though no one is denying the following movie-makers are talented, they are considered by some to be given far more praise than they deserve. Which of the following directors (nominated by IMDB’s poll board members) do you find to be the most overrated? Discuss the list here

Best Director-Composer Collaborations

Directors and Music Composers are probably the most important persons for the creative part of a movie. Which collaboration, of the following, you think is more exciting? Discuss the list here

Saturn Award Winning Directors

The Saturn Awards were set up to honor genre films, especially Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Action. Which of these filmmakers who managed to win the Best Director Award is your favorite? Discuss here

Favorite Oscar-Winning Gold Standard Couple?

These married couples are the gold standard by which all other Hollywood couples are measured during award season. Both husband and wife have earned Oscars, perfect for when sharing an Oscar with your spouse just isn't enough. Which of these currently or formerly married couples who have his and hers Oscars* is your favorite? * couple Oscar totals include honorary Oscars with asterisk notation Discuss the topic here.

Film Directors Pose

Which of these renowned contemporary directors can strike the coolest "director-pose" next to a movie camera? Discuss your favorite auteur HERE...Action!

Muster the Rohirrim!

Who is the most interesting Rohirrim from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Related poll: For Gondor!

Fantasy Producers League

The Fantasy Producers League is like a fantasy sports league. The producer selects a genre, director, screenwriter, leading actor and leading actress. A director, screenwriter, leading actor and leading actress may only be selected once on a first-come basis. Genres may be selected multiple times. Which of these production teams interest you the most? After voting, discuss and/or suggest additional teams here.

For Gondor!

Who is the most interesting Gondorian from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Related poll: Muster the Rohirrim!

Most Deserving Winner of at Least 3 Oscars in a Single Year

Which performance of these winners of at least 3 Oscars in a single year do you think is the most deserving? Discuss the list here

Directors Whose Films Won Most Oscars

There are nine directors whose works have won 20 or more Oscars (not counting shorts, documentaries, animated films and Special Achievement Awards). Who has the best set of Oscar-winning films? Discuss here

Highest grossing directors - where it all began

These are the 25 highest grossing director of all time at the domestic box office as of 08/12/15, taking a look back at their first major directing job (5,000 votes) - who would you have predicted this success for? Discuss it here. Vote in the poll for movie-stars here

Possible Titles for Hollywood Biographies ...

Which title resulting from a pun or a play on words on a famous movie quote would make the most interesting biography's title? Discuss here

This director deserves a theme park!

Regarding all these filmmakers' bodies of work, which one most deserves a theme park built around his movies or more generally, his cinematic universe? Some descriptions of the possible attractions to be featured in these parks are available, thanks to everyone for these much clever suggestions! Discuss at http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/221161814

King of Cameos

A cameo role is a brief appearance of a known person in a work of the performing arts, typically unnamed or appearing as themselves because of some special significance. Who has made the best cameos in their career? Discuss here.

Greatest Five Movie Streak by a Director

It's difficult enough to make one great movie, so to make five in a row is an amazing achievement. Which of these five movie streaks from a director is the greatest achievement? Discuss it here

Friday Face-Off: Best prequel-trilogy

Which prequel trilogy do you like better? Choose between Star Wars (TPM, AotC, & RotS) and The Hobbit (AUJ, DoS, & BotFA). Discuss this list here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/238756971

Directors who know visual effects

This is a list of directors who have all directed at least three films with heavy use of visual effects in them. They often use varied techniques from relying heavily on CGI, to using more practical special effects. Which director do you believe does the best job of utilizing visual effects in his filmmaking? Discuss this Here

For Pete's Sake! (Part 1 - Non-fictional)

For Pete's sake, there are a ton of icons with the aforementioned name - Peter, Pete or something derived from that family. There are famous sports icons, cinematic legends, TV stars, musicians, you name it! Which of these real life icons named Peter/Pete comes to mind first when you hear the 5 letter name or, perhaps, which of them is your personal favorite? For Pete's sake, let's just discuss this here. Also vote for: For Pete's Sake! (Part 2 - Fictional)

Directors that Need to be Punished by Law!

Members of the jury, which if the below usual suspects do you feel is most worthy of their sentence? Judge the offenders here Please note: This poll is intended to be humorous and is not to be taken seriously