Poll: Highest Grossing Movies by Month

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The poll board users present their favorite horror movies of the last decade. Which user's list would you prefer the most? Discuss here.

The Pine Tree State Movies

The Pine Tree State is the official nickname of Maine. In 1820 it became the 23rd state of the United States of America. These movies have a connection with Maine. It's a topic in the story or they are (partially) filmed in Maine. Which movie (or movie poster) do you associate the most with Maine? You may discuss the poll here Click here to vote for other States of America

It Scares Me

Which is the scariest version of It? Discuss the poll here Poll by Pencho15 And vote on this other It poll

Favorite Augmented Film Title Page

IMDb allows production companies and distributors for films to add special graphics and other features to the title page for their films. Which of these special US IMDb film title pages is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here. * List accurate as of December 17, 2017. ** These special film title pages may not be available outside the US. *** A Slide Show and static images are included for each film for users who cannot see the special version of the title page.

The Worst Horror Movie Remakes

There have been way too many awful and unnecessary remakes of horror movies, but the question is, which one butchered the original the most and should be thrown in an eternal dumpster fire? Discuss this poll here

Prime Numbered Titles - 2

Prime Numbers create a unique sequence. The first prime number is 2. Which do you think is the best movie with a title length of 2 characters? Minimum of 10,000 votes; IMDb rating of 6.5 or above. Discuss the poll here

Back to 1989

1989 was a significant year in history due to the fall of the Berlin Wall and other political eruptions. But not only movies concerned with politics flash back in time. Which of these films partly set in 1989 is your favorite depiction of the time? Discuss here after voting

Most Anticipated Film: Summer 2017 Edition

Which film are you most looking forward to seeing during the Summer* of 2017 ( June 20, 2017 to September 21, 2017 ) ? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. *Summer in the Northern Hemisphere - US Debut Dates

Past Teens

These films and shows from the 2010s are about teens or preteens but are set in earlier decades. Which one is your favorite? Discuss here after voting

Movies That Become Scarier in Black And White

Monochrome possesses an inherently creepy vibe to it; being cast in shadows and darkness, it can be the setting of our deepest fears and nightmares. These films were shot in color but, due to their dark themes and creepy subject matter, may have fared quite well in B&W. Which of these films do you think would make the most interesting transition to black and white? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Rotten Tomatoes: Top Horror Movies

Which of these top 35 horror movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes, is your favorite? Discuss here Other Genres: Mystery & Suspense | Art House & International | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Classics

Best Music Score of 2017

Which of the following scores do you think is THE BEST OF 2017? Discuss the list here.

Best Clown Movie

Which movie featuring a clown is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

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Best Benjamin Wallfisch Score

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IMDb Poll Board Top 5 Horror Movies for Halloween

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Horror Films by New Line Cinema

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It's the 2010s... Let's Take a Little Trip to the 80s!

The 2010s saw a trend of bringing back pop culture of the 80's, whether it was 80's franchises being revived, or featuring the decade in entertainment. Which 80s-themed title from the 2010s is your favorite? Now take a little trip here to discuss!

What Kind of Fear Is Your Favorite Horror?

There are many kinds of horrors to fear at the movies. Unholy, kinky, gory - What's your sweetest horror-obsession? What kind of fear at the movies is your favourite? Return to discussion: Discuss this poll here Thanks to Jessica, dgranger, B_sides_B, Peter, Pencho, NDbportmanfan for some suggestions.

Best Stephen King Horror Movie

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