Poll: Which Killer Song Playlist Best Sells the Movie?

A killer song playlist can increase financial fortunes and the public perceptions of just about any movie. Sometimes, the album begets the movie rather than the film spawning the soundtrack. Although at times, it maybe unclear whether the songs or the film is the dominant force that drives the success of the other. Regardless, the created synergy between the two is unmistakable. Thus, the transformative effect of a film's songs can be instrumental in making a bad movie good, a good movie great and a great movie phenomenal. Which of these select multi-platinum English-language music albums* best elevates the commercial success of the movie, while musically helping to tell the film's visually depicted and scripted story? * Answer pool limited to albums certified with three million or more combined digital downloads, record, compact disc or taped album U.S. sales, but excludes those relating to musician biopics & concert documentaries. Sources: USA Diamond, Platinum, Gold Album Certification, Billboard - Soundtrack Chart Rankings, Wikipedia - Best Selling Sountracks Discuss the topic here.


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