Poll: The Show-Me State Movies

A poll by Hoekkie

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Sherlock Is Up for Unsolved Murders

Murders are always disturbing; some have elements that are particularly violent, bloody, gruesome, and unsettling. But some are even worse than that, when they remain unsolved, leaving questions that lingered for decades afterward, as years passed without an arrest or even a credible suspect. There’s an undeniable feeling of extra chilling to your spine and adrenaline that comes from knowing such story of the murder crime really happened and still remain unsolved, meaning that the perpetrator may still out there right now and even might also contribute to vote this poll. Which of these unsolved cases do you want the most for Sherlock to be solved and get the truth behind them? “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” ? Voltaire Investigate more here

The Passing of Scott Wilson

IMDb is saddened to report the death of perennial actor Scott Wilson from cancer at the age of 76. While many younger viewers will recognize him as Hershel, the one-legged farmer/father figure, on The Walking Dead (2010), Wilson had pivotal roles in many classic films and TV shows. His first part as a young thug in In the Heat of the Night (1967) was followed up the same year by a co-starring role as one of the two murderers of the Clutter family in In Cold Blood (1967). From then on Wilson had placed both feet firmly onto the road to Hollywood and his career continued for the next 50 years. In which role do you think Wilson did his best work? Want to talk about it? Click here!

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The Sunflower State Movies

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Most Underrated 2000s Comedy Remake

The 2000s wasn't a particularly good decade for comedy remakes as they all have a rating below 6.5 on IMDb, Ocean's Eleven (2001) being the exception that confirms the rule. But maybe some of them were judged too hastily, unfairly compared to the original movies while every judgment is relative and maybe -remake or no remake- a movie should be judged on its own merit, and a comedy on how funny it is. So, which of these comedy remakes released in the 2000s do you find the most underrated? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Top 20 Villains Exit Lines

An opening line sets the tone, a final line makes the point. And since many villains (or evil protagonists) drive the film's narrative, it's all natural that their iconic lines come generally right at the end, before their demise, their pyrrhic victory or simply said, before they leave the screen. Pathetic or poignant in a dignified way, conclusive or enigmatic in an overarching way, all the following lines have been uttered by these baddies the last time we saw them on the screen. Which of these exit-lines is the most memorable? After voting, you might discuss the list here (To make the list, the villains were all nominated for the AFI's Top 50, some of the lines were also nominated for the AFI's Top 100, sometimes making the final list)

The Loser's Monologue

"Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry (so lonely)...Nowhere to go, nothing to do with my time... I get lonely, so lonely, living on my own... (Freddie Mercury) Whether to express devouring loneliness, lucid desperation, tempestuous revolt or quiet resignation, there comes a time when a movie character can't take it anymore and must let all the repressed feelings come out, once and for all. Indeed, not all the lines, quotes and monologues from movies are supposed to be inspirational, there's a time for the top, a time for the flop, a time for cheers and a time for tears... a time for pride and a time for... well, all the opposite. Here's a list of more-or-less famous self-deprecating lines or admissions of failures from movies, which one of them strikes the most sensitive chord? Discuss the list here, and cheer up, this is only a poll...

Along the Border

The Border between Mexico and the United States is one of the most shown in movie history. Which of the following titles whith stories, characters or scenes that take place between both sides of the border is your favorite? Check your passport to cross here Poll by Pencho15