Poll: If You Build It, He Will Come, or Paint It as in Michelangelo’s Case.

A poll by dgranger

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Most Memorable Animated Song?

Song and animation can't be parted. Song doesn't just deliver tunes but also message, that's the important part. Since animated feature emerge so fast in 90's up to now, animated had already won 8 Oscar in the past 23 years for Best Original Song and won 10 Grammy for the same category. And almost every year animated song enter the nomination list. So, which song do you find hard to forget? Discuss the list here

Childhood Films That Are Darker Than They Seem

From this list of childhood films, which one is the most Unexpected darker in your opinion? Regardless of your opinion about the film. To discuss the poll in more pleasant place click here.

Mother's Day Films

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Favorite Cartoon Mice

Calling all mice!!! Which of these cute animated rodents is your favorite? Squeak on over here to discuss!

Movie Posters Featuring the Statue of Liberty

Which movie poster featuring the statue of liberty is your favorite? You may discuss the poll here

Saddest Animated Movie

So you're watching animated movie expecting to have laid-back entertainment and some good laughs, but you end up shedding a tear or two. Which animated movie makes you feel most devasted? Share Your Animated Tears Here

I Want ... Songs!

One of the best tools creators of musicals use to get the audience to sympathize and/or relate to their subject's main characters is the "I want" song.* Which of the following "I want" songs** from nonDisney studios gives you some or all of the best feels? Trill, warble, croon, or belt out loud your feelings about this musical poll with us, theater nerds, over here. While you're in the desirable mood, go over here and vote at the I Want Disney Songs counterpart poll to this one. *"The 'I Want' song is a popular type of song featured in musical theatre [where] the main character [sings] about how they are unsatisfied with their current life, and what they are searching for." Wikipedia

The Best '80s Animated Movie

Some amazing films here that advanced the animated industry and provided wonderful stories and characters to boot; and THE decade for a certain Studio Ghibli. Which of these 1980s Animated movies will you most likely remember? Also vote on best animated movie >>> 1990s After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

TV by Steven Spielberg

From this list of TV series produced (or co-produced) by Steven Spielberg, which one is your favorite? Discuss HERE

Gems That Seem to Be Forgotten

These movies don't have many votes and they never have been listed in the IMDb Top 250. Nor did they receive any Oscar or Golden Globe nominations. But what these movies do have are good IMDb ratings and Metascores. So these gems of movies seem to be forgotten and they remain unnoticed. Which movie deserves more attention or which one would you like to see? You may discuss the poll here

Favorite Don Bluth Film

Don Bluth is an animator who worked on various projects for Disney from Sleeping Beauty and The Sword in the Stone to Robin Hood and Winnie the Pooh. In the 1980's he left Disney and began creating his own films which became serious competition to his former employer. Of the films he has directed, which is your favorite? Discuss here.

It's Not Disney

Which is the best animated movie outside of Disney and Pixar? This poll doesn't include anime movies You may discuss here

Favorite film based on a Newberry Medal-winning book?

The new movie The Giver is based on Lois Lowry's 1993 Newberry Medal-winning book of the same name. Per Wiki: The John Newbery Medal is a literary award given by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association (ALA). The award is given to the author of "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children." Which of these big-screen adaptations from a Newberry Medal-winning book is your favorite? Discuss the list here

Best "American" movie

Best movie with the title "American ___" or "An/The American ___", often indicating that the story or main character is something or someone distinctly or quintessentially "American" in the mind of the creator. Documentaries, or movies rated below 5.0 on IMDB, are not included. 35 movies. Discuss here

Animated New York City

Which of these animated feature-length film/television series set in New York City,* where the city is basically an allusive character is would you like to visit or reside? Book your Airbnb room or start discussing your moving plans here! *Not including Gotham City, Metropolis, or any other fictionalized version of the city with a different name. No live-action/animated hybrids. No direct to video films.

Fathers of Nature

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Best Animated Moms

Who do you think is the best mother? Regardless of your opinion about the film. The poll also contains maternal figures. Discuss here

American Dream Films

To celebrate the US Independence Day on July 4th, let's take a look at some movies that shaped the depictions of the American Dream in Cinema. Which of those films depicting the American Dream is your favorite? Discuss here

Favorite Cartoon Cats

Calling all cats!!! Which of these animated felines is your favorite? Meow on over here to discuss!