Poll: Your Father's Favorite Actress

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These movie characters were friends and roommates (for a substantial time of the film) but something in the dynamics going between them might suggest a deeper bond than simple friendship, for better or for worse... although it's never explored to the fullest or the subtext is purely theoretical but we can't totally avoid the feeling of a homoerotic subtext. Though we respect your disagreement on many of these inclusions, we hope we'll get your vote for the couple that you feel ticks most of, if not all, the boxes of what makes a legit couple. So, which of these memorable movie duos is the closest to a couple? After voting, you might discuss the vote here

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You're Stuck in the Middle Ages

Good for you. You got out of the Old West and managed to escape the Modern West. Along the way you were able to get more duct tape and replace the broken parts of your time machine. Unfortunately, once again, it broke down as soon as you tried to use it. Now you're stuck in the chaotic plague-ridden world of Medieval Europe. If you're going to have any chance of survival you're going to need to find some allies fast, so who do you want watching your back now? Choose wisely, my friend. Your very life may depend on it. This is a sequel to my polls You're Stuck in the Old West and You're Stuck in the Modern West. You can discuss the poll here.

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These lovely ladies all got their start as models and then turned their attentions to the world of acting. Who do you think has, had, or will have, the most successful acting career? This is not an exhaustive list, but limited to those who have, had, or will likely have a relatively good acting career. Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/224085864

How Do You Solve a Problem like...?

The name Maria has been used for an astounding number of memorable characters. Which do you like most? Discuss the list here

Black & White Posters

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