Poll: The Many Faces of Belmondo

As they say in French, a 'sacred monster' left us... He was one of the last embodiments of a certain idea of French masculinity... his charisma was effortless, his charm incomparable, his over-the-top tirades irresistible, his big smile infectious and his love interests beautifully cast... Over the span of his sixty-year career, he threw punches like he meant business, delivered one-liners with that delightful French 'tchatche', he also played a few serious characters but never took himself too seriously... and he always insisted on doing his own stunts. Quentin Tarantino called him "the coolest man" but for French audiences, he was the 'perfect pal', even his rival (and friend) Alain Delon admitted that his edge on him was that 'joie de vivre' that made him so accessible, badass without being too intimidating, sexy without looking too perfect. The great JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO died today, September 6, and as a modest tribute to his talent, here are 15 pictures from some of his most famous movies. Which one is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here.