Poll: Thinnest Veiled Real-Life Fictional Movie?

The industry term, cinéma à clef, translates from French to English as "film with a key". The key being a listing that is used to swap out the names of real-life people with their movie character aliases. These stories depict a heavy dose of real life characters and true events, somewhat hidden behind the facade of fiction. However, sharp movie-goers will quickly discern who the fictional story really portrays in many cases. Thus, the end-of-the-film disclaimer stating "This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental." is very ironic. These quasi-biographical movies are never 100% accurate, but their thinly veiled stories mirror real-life historical details enough to blur the line that separates them from true story biopics that often also take liberties with details to enhance the dramatic effect of the story. Source: Wikipedia: Film à Clef Movies Which of these select* fictional movies, that some claim a thinly veiled line exists between real-life and fiction, is the film à clef that least distinguishes between fact and fiction? * each movie answer option has the Fictional/Real-Life key listed Discuss the topic here.


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