Poll: Why So Serious... About the Oscars?

Just for fun, here's a revisionist take on the Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor in 2009. Over the last decades, there have been 'undeniable' performances that swept off awards in major film festivals and competitions (Oscars, Bafta, Globes, SAG etc.). One of them was the portrayal of The Joker by the late Heath Ledger, a performance that posthumously earned him the Circuit Community Award of Best Supporting Actor of the Decade and that is still regarded as one of the greatest and most iconic roles of the last decades. So, any other actor who was nominated that year knew pretty well he didn't need to prepare a speech, it was Ledger's year. But let's not forget that these four other performers. In your opinion, who do you think should have won, if not Ledger? In other words: which performance was second-best after Ledger's or was actually your favorite from the start? Discuss the list here