Poll: Bella Goth

The Sims was a movie project that had been stuck in development hell since 2007. Based on the twentysomething bestselling video game whose newest version is the eight-year-old Sims 4, I have one question for you.* Since Bella Goth is the most famous female character from the decades-old franchise, which of the following age-appropriate actresses** would you cast for this key role if miracles of miracles, the movie went back into production? Discuss depper casting choice poof.*** * This poll is dedicated to former IMDb member m_rifqi_kamil. You came and suggested two Sims-related poll suggestions 3 years ago and never came back. I hope I've done your ideas justice. ** Limiting the list to the top 20 actresses born between 1987-01-01 and 1995-12-31 (farmed from the STARmeter on 2022-7-7). ***For those who don't read Simlish "Discuss your casting choice here."