Poll: Venice Film Festival 2018

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Best Art Films (2010s)

An art film is typically an independent film, aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience. In recent years, there is an argument that the art of 'art films' is lost but a lot of art films are made and they often get the backing from major studios as well. Here are some of the best art films made from 2010 to 2019. Which of these movies do you think is the most artistic? Discuss the poll here

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Best Amazon Original Movie

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Most Anticipated 2018 Horror Movie

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Best Joaquin Phoenix Movie

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Best Music Score in 2018

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The Many Faces of Tilda Swinton

In Tilda Swinton's latest movie, Suspiria (2018) (a remake of the 1977 film of the same name by Dario Argento), she plays three separate characters, including Dr. Josef Klemperer, who is an old man. Ms. Swinton has made a career of playing roles that run the gamut from a rock star vampire who's thousands of years old to a high powered magazine editor complete with gleaming, bleached hair and teeth and a deep tan all year 'round. Whether you've seen the performances or not, which of Tilda's acting looks do you find most interesting? Want to talk about it? Click here!

Jake Gyllenhaal at 40

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QT 4 Film Festival

In 2000 director Quentin Tarantino attended the fourth QT Film Festival, held by the Austin Film Society in Austin, Texas. All films come from his private collection of prints and generally have influenced the creation of his own films. He uses the festival not only as a platform to show off his collection of rare film reels but also to promote forgotten genres, directors, actors or studios. Tarantino introduces all the films himself, shows trailers for all kinds of films and discusses the films with attendees. If you could watch a movie at the QT 4 Film Festival, which movie would you choose? These 7 movies (with the lowest IMDb rating) didn't make it to the list: The Muthers (1968), Some Like It Cool (1977), The Huns (1960), Message from Space (1978), The Giant of Metropolis (1961), Chinese Godfather (1974), Operazione Goldman (1966). You may discuss the poll here See also film festival: QT 1 / QT 2 / QT 3

The Best 2010s Western Movie

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Best Joaquin Phoenix Performance

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Most Anticipated Movie Remakes/Reboots (2016-2017)

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Best 2018 Movie Without An Oscar Nod

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Long Movies of the 2010s

What is your favorite "Long" feature film of the 2010s? Note: The average movie usually is between 80-120 minutes. These US released movies in this poll subscribe to the "more is better" method and have a run-time of at least 150 minutes. After voting, please discuss here.

Favorite Vincent van Gogh Biographical Movie

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