Poll: Face-Off: The Battle of Midway Movies

The Battle of Midway was a World War II naval battle that took place between 4 June 1942 and 7 June 1942. The battle occurred six months after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor turning the tide for Allied forces in the Pacific Theater. To date, the most notable depictions of the decisive battle are a pair of international blockbusters, a U.S. Navy war documentary directed by American film director, John Ford and a jointly aired BBC/PBS TV documentary. Interestingly, Commander John Ford was one of the most senior naval officers on Midway Atoll during the attack. He earned a military commendation for his forward observer reports of enemy positions, enemy numbers, and engagements that helped guide the Naval Air Station's use of its defending forces. Likewise, Ford's handheld camera battle footage from an exposed position would earn him both, a Purple Heart for his shrapnel woulds and the first ever Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. In a battle royale competition, which Battle of Midway movie bests the others as your favorite? Discuss the topic here.