Poll: Loneliest Movie Characters

A poll by peaspot

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Bespectacled Characters (Part I: Movies)

There are two kinds of bespectacled people in this world, those who can't see without their glasses, and those who can't be seen without. All the following characters from Live-Action Movies seem to belong to the first category... and somewhat to the second, because we have trouble imagining them not wearing their iconic glasses... ...and being a bespectacled fellow myself, I felt the need to pay a tribute to characters from the big, and also the small screen, who wear glasses that are NOT sunglasses. So which of these bespectacled movie characters, real or fictional, is your personal favorite? Discuss here

The Time Traveler

With the release of Deadpool 2 (2018) in May, we will be introduced to another time traveler named Cable. Now, in honor of the release, which character(s) below is your favorite time traveler? I will not include characters that have time traveled in a one off episode or movie. The character's main story has to focus on traveling to another time. Discuss Here

Golf Course Activities

What would you do on a golf course other than playing golf ? https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/poll-suggestion-golf-course-activities?rfm=1&topic_submit=true

Classic Film-Noir Villains

In a genre where even the good guys are somewhat ambiguous, the villains are likely to be more than just "morally corrupted". Creepy, eccentric, charismatic, dark or mysterious, these classic film-noir villains were certainly among the main ingredients that gave their movies this taste of cinematic immortality. Which of these classic film-noir villains is your favorite? Discuss here (to stay on the "noir" mood, no color or neo-Noir movies included)

A Tribute to Roger Carel, the French Mel Blanc

I know, this French-sounding name might be totally unfamiliar for most of you IMDb users, but if you are French or grew up with French-speaking movies and TV programs, the man is simply a legend; I should say "was" since he sadly passed away on September 11, and this poll is a tribute to the man who made my childhood. Roger Carel was the French Man of 1000 Voices: his incredible range of voices allowed him to dub some of the most iconic and memorable TV and movie characters of all the time. Indeed, he wasn't just the regular voice of Peter Sellers, Ustinov and Jack Lemmon, he was the voice of such icons as Charles Chaplin, Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Fred Flintstone and of course, the ultimate French icon: Asterix. And the question is simple: which of these TV/movie characters dubbed by Roger Carel in the French versions is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the list here (and Reposez en Paix, Mr. Carel)

When Life Gives You Lemons... Watch a Jack Lemmon Movie

Jack Lemmon's formidable talent and craft included his range: he could do drama and comedy with equal success. Filmmakers took notice and cast him in so many different kinds of roles that Lemmon's great versatility became part of his appeal among audiences: when we're down and want to feel understood or gain insight, we can watch one of his dramas; when we're down and want to be distracted and laugh, we can cheer up with one of his comedies. No matter what life gives you, there's a Jack Lemmon film to help. Which of his performances have you most appreciated? Discuss Jack Lemmon or the poll here. This poll is dedicated to one of Jack Lemmon's biggest fans, the distinguished metallurgical engineer, John "Jack" Kearns, who died in April of 2019. Except for the first five options, the list is in alphabetical order by title of the film or series.

Worst thing about foods/drinks/snacks in theaters?

From your personal experience, what is the most annoying of these foods/drinks/snacks-related disturbances in theaters? Discuss here

Who was the King of Cool in the '60s?

Which of these actors takes the title of the "King of Cool" in the 1960s? Discuss the list here

Heart Pounding Wheel Masters

Which actor/actress wheel master character makes your heart beat a little faster? After voting, please discuss here.

If You Published a Book About Cinema...

... and decided your cover photo should be a still frame featuring a movie character looking at a big screen, which image would you pick? After voting, you might discuss the list here (sorry if some pics aren't exactly well-adjusted for the poll format)

Fictional Celebrities in Movies

Who's your most beloved fictional celebrity character in a movie ? Poll Suggestion: https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/poll-suggestion-fictional-celebrities?rfm=1&topic_submit=true

Favorite Film Vigilante

A vigilante is a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate. Who is your favorite film vigilante? Keep in mind, I chose not to add anyone with super powers to my list because there are tons. Choose wisely my friends. Discuss here.

The Dark Side of New Hollywood

The American cinema of the 1960s was dominated by big-budgeted tentpole productions in an attempt to lure viewers away from television. When the box office returns struggled to justify the expenses, the old studio system saw a shift towards more diverse and risk-taking movies. These were often made by young directors who saw themselves as the central creative forces, or auteurs. This so-called "New Hollywood" came to an end in the late 70s and early 80s, after a number of ambitious "auteur" productions had flopped and the modern blockbuster era led to a renaissance of the studio system. You may find more information on Wikipedia, newwavefilms, and screenprism. It is impossible to define any movement in an all-satisfying way. However, these aspects are often mentioned to characterize the cinematic era we are dealing with: -challenging narrative and technical conventions -a tendency to shoot movies on location as opposed to sound stages -potential for explicit violence and nudity -targeted towards a young demographic -reconciliation of artistic ambition and entertainment, or even favoring of the former -individual expression -critical of society -morally ambiguous -open or tragic endings The word "New Hollywood" is usually used today in a positive way, but where there is light there is also shadow. Which negative aspect do you think most applies to "New Hollywood"? Discuss here

The Canes Festival

"There's the cane from 'Citizen Kane'. Wait a minute, there was no cane in 'Citizen Kane'! You're right, Lisa Simpson, but there was a cane in many other movies and TV shows, and although we can't really call them 'canes' in the orthodox meaning of the word, let's accept any walking stick (of magical or deadly power) as a technical cane. So, let's start the Canes' Festival (yeah, it wasn't a typo) and ask the question: Which of these memorable TV/movie characters with a cane is your favorite? Want to discuss the list? Yes, you 'cane'... if you click here

The Many Types of Comedy

What is your favorite type of comedy? After voting, you may discuss the list here (definitions 'borrowed' from Wikipedia)

Biggest Movie Losers

These are movie characters who are perpetual losers, because their life, their circumstances or simply their environment is keeping them down. But they fight and some of them don't give up aiming for a normal condition. Which of these struggling, losing characters below is the most interesting to you? (The loser has to be from movies rated minimum 6.5/10 stars on IMDb. No animation allowed but characters can be either from real life or fictional. One exception: When the loser is so significant that he's worth standing next to the other losers below, the movie can be rated down to 5.5/10.) Discuss here. A special thank you to Dan Dassow, Jen & Djesika, who helped me so much correcting my typos.

Nerdiest looking male character

Which male character with 'glasses' looks nerdiest? Discuss here - http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/231045890

Jake Gyllenhaal at 40

December 19, 2020, is Jake Gyllenhaal's 40th birthday. Over the last 20 years he has had an extraordinary string of hit movies. What's your favorite Jake Gyllenhaal performance? Discuss here after voting

There Will Always Be One And Only One...

Being the main protagonists of quite enduring franchises, these characters have been played by many actors (at least, more than two), but there's generally one version that strikes as the most iconic, the one-and-only, the ultimate one. So, it may be a little subjective and some options are more undeniable than others, but if you had to voice your personal sentiment: as far as you're concerned, there will always be one and only one... After voting, you may discuss the list here

Ten Movie Characters' Incomprehensible Mistakes

*** MAJOR SPOILERS !!! *** We all make mistakes, don't we? Indeed, it is a common trope to have a movie character making the one mistake that ultimately causes or accelerates his downfall. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975): SPOILER: McMurphy never leaves the institution when he has countless opportunities, in Sunset Blvd. (1950), SPOILER: Joe comes back to Norma, in Heat (1995), SPOILER: Neil needs to kill Waingro instead of fleeing, in Scarface (1983), SPOILER: Tony Montana refuses the banker's rates, and precipitates his downfall by making an enemy out of Sosa etc. But these are not the tragic mistakes this poll is about -- those with a 'good' reason to happen. The following list contains ten really bad mistakes... made under circumstances where the character could really think twice before making the choice. These ten moves were so badly thought, so ridiculously doomed to fail or so dangerously stupid that even the fans of the movies have a hard time justifying them. Now, since nothing is really irrational, the main justification for these mistakes can always be found: ego, hubris, overestimating the enemy's stupidity, or, from a screenwriter's perspective, the fact that there would be no story otherwise. But seriously, which of these ten mistakes do you find the hardest to accept, no matter how good the film is? You may discuss the list here