Poll: In Memory of R. Lee Ermey

Character actor R. Lee Ermey has passed away at age 74. Ermey, who was a Marine who served in Vietnam before being medically discharged, got into acting in a round-about way, starting as a technical advisor on The Boys in Company C, Apocalypse now and An Officer and a Gentleman. He was employed as such for the film Full Metal Jacket (1987) when director Stanley Kubrick saw a tape of him verbally abusing extras and subsequently cast him in the pivotal role of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Deferring to his expertise, Kubrick even allowed Ermey to write and improvise his own lines, something Kubrick rarely allowed. A truly bombastic performer, Ermey will be best remembered for his breakthrough in Full Metal Jacket. But which of his other most well-known roles have you enjoyed most? Discuss the list here