Poll: Vive le crime!

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The Best French Movies of the 20th Century

France is known to be one of the European countries with a robust film culture. With a huge influence in European and world cinema, they provided us with great cinematographic works in the last century. Here are some of the greatest French cinematographic works of the last century; which one do you consider the best? Discuss here ______________________________________________________ Live Poll: 21st Century

Classics With Zero Accolades

All these movies are classics that, throughout the years, gained in popularity and cinematic stature. Today, on IMDb, they're rated at least 7.5 with more than 10.000 votes. Yet, at the time of their release, even a delayed time, these movies were strangely overlooked by the Oscars or any other festival or critics' circle or journalists' association. In other words, these movies were nominated for nothing. For which of these classics, do you find the absence of nominations the most surprising, if not unbelievable? After voting, you might discuss the list here (of course, these movies became so popular they were later selected to National Film Registry and were nominated for some DVD-related awards, needless to say that these nominations don't count)

Spouses Acting It Out On Screen

Which of these couples who are (or were) married when they made these films is your favourite husband and wife acting team? You can discuss this list here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/223984400

Best Movie You Discovered Thanks to IMDb?

The following films were chosen by IMDb's Poll Board members as the best of the ones they were made aware of through IMDb - whether it be via the message boards, watchlist recommendations or any other of the site's features. Which of these films is your favorite? If you haven't seen any, then which would you be most interested in watching? Discuss the list here

Weirdest Greek Title Translation (Part 2)

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Scores That Give You Goosebumps

You know that sensation that just starts in your neck, a cold little thrill that goes all over your living body and makes you forget for one brief moment where you are... and you just leave the film, leave the place you are... and let the music leave its movie and you just live the music, whatever that strange sentence means. That's the power of music, that's the power of many scores that transcended their film and became something that inhabits you: they all have one thing in common, a specific moment that sends shivers down your spine and inspire your heart a cocktail of exhilarating sensations. These are the scores that give you goosebumps. Which of these powerful scores* has got the strongest effect on you? After voting, you might discuss the list here OSCAR WINNER Oscar nominee *on an emotional level; another poll will be dedicated to adventurous, thrilling or heart-pounding scores à la John Williams or Bernard Herrmann

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Characters Who Barely Talk

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Most Iconic French Score

It is very likely that the most iconic French movie's score according to voters will simply be the most iconic French movie's score (it's all in the emphasis, see what I mean?) but even with that possibility in mind, we've tried to compile some pretty classic examples of French movies whose scores could catch foreign ears and became international cinema's standards. Which of these French movies' scores would you say is the most classic? After voting, you may discuss the list ici

Greatest dance scene in a non-musical? Part II

Discuss the list here Vote on part I here

The Best 1960s International Feature Film

Which of these 35 top rated non-animated foreign movies (non-English) of the 1960s is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Missing from the Top 250

While IMDb may be famous for the Top 250, it is not the only one. A popular social media platform for cinephiles is Letterboxd. This too has a Top 250 and while there are a plethora of similarities to IMDb's, there is also a myriad of differences. Presented are the 35 highest ranked titles from Letterboxd that are not on IMDb's Top 250. Which one most deserves a place on that list? Of course some films aren't quite eligible to enter the list just yet. Poll information is accurate as of December 5, 2017. While The Human Condition trilogy have the same poster, and the first two parts even have the same release year, but they ARE three separate films. Discuss here

Poker-Faced Movie Characters

It takes some impressive acting abilities to stay emotionless during the whole film or for most of it. Which of these movie characters would you most hate to confront in a Poker game? Check? Check. Now, discuss here Oh and yeah, sorry Matrix and Terminator fans, but no sunglasses allowed during the game.

Most Voted Best Film of Cahiers du Cinéma

Which winner of the "Best Film" prize awarded by the French film magazine Cahiers du Cinéma is your favorite? Note: Only titles with at least 7500 votes were included. Discuss here

Most Hated Top 250 Movie

Which movie in IMDb's Top 250 with a percentage of 1/10 ratings equal to or higher than 4% should gain more respect? You can find these percentages if you click on the number of votes that the movie obtained. or you can add the title'ID to the URL. Example: https://www.imdb.com/title/title's ID/ratings Discuss here

Movies About Loneliness

Which of these movies describes loneliness the most? Discuss the list here!