Poll: Alliterative Attractive Actresses, Oops Edition! (a.k.a. Lusciously Lovely Leading Ladies)

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    Maika Monroe attends the "At Any Price" premiere during the 69th Venice Film Festival at the Palazzo del Cinema on August 31, 2012 in Venice, Italy.

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    Tammy Townsend during Hollywood Stars Join Global Green For Clean Energy Solutions, Music At 'Rock The Earth' at Day After Club in Hollywood, California, United States.

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    Billie Burke, circa 1935.

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    Kitty Kallen c. 1945

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    Melba Moore circa 1974

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    "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The" Harriet Nelson C. 1959 ABC

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    Mae Marsh c.1923 / **I.V.

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    Humphrey Bogart and his third wife, Mayo Methot, on their wedding day, 1938.

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    Head Shot

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