Poll: Sexiest Female Movie Characters(1920s-1970s)

A poll by sarizonana

Results of 3,880 votes:

  1. 187

    Grace Kelly stars as Lisa

  2. 107

    "Vertigo" Kim Novak 1958 Paramount

  3. 82

    "The Killers" Ava Gardner 1946 Universal Pictures

  4. 53

    "The Great Race," Natalie Wood 1965 Warner Bros.

  5. 29

    "Double Indemnity" Barbara Stanwyck 1944 Paramount **I.V.

  6. 28

    "Tarzan And His Mate" Johnny Weissmuller, Marueen O'Sullivan 1934 MGM / **I.V.

  7. 12

    "Little Big Man" Faye Dunaway 1970 UA

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