Poll: Mayflies (Part 2)

Some new movies are popular and high ranked for a short time. These "mayflies" came in the IMDb Top 250 in the same year as its release, but now they are out of the list. In the poll Mayflies (Part 1) you can see the highest-ranked "mayflies" as of May 2016. Mayflies (Part 2) is about the second highest-ranked "mayflies". Cinderella Man (2005) and Creed (2015) are in both lists because they became the second highest ranked ex-Top 250 movies. The higher ranked Sin City (#75 in 2005) and The Martian (#174 in 2015) have dissapeared from the IMDb Top 250. Which "mayfly" (ex-Top 250 movie) deserves a come back in the current IMDb Top 250 list? You may discuss the list here