Poll: Heart Pounding Wheel Masters

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The Dark Side of New Hollywood

The American cinema of the 1960s was dominated by big-budgeted tentpole productions in an attempt to lure viewers away from television. When the box office returns struggled to justify the expenses, the old studio system saw a shift towards more diverse and risk-taking movies. These were often made by young directors who saw themselves as the central creative forces, or auteurs. This so-called "New Hollywood" came to an end in the late 70s and early 80s, after a number of ambitious "auteur" productions had flopped and the modern blockbuster era led to a renaissance of the studio system. You may find more information on Wikipedia, newwavefilms, and screenprism. It is impossible to define any movement in an all-satisfying way. However, these aspects are often mentioned to characterize the cinematic era we are dealing with: -challenging narrative and technical conventions -a tendency to shoot movies on location as opposed to sound stages -potential for explicit violence and nudity -targeted towards a young demographic -reconciliation of artistic ambition and entertainment, or even favoring of the former -individual expression -critical of society -morally ambiguous -open or tragic endings The word "New Hollywood" is usually used today in a positive way, but where there is light there is also shadow. Which negative aspect do you think most applies to "New Hollywood"? Discuss here

Loneliest Movie Characters

"Loneliness has followed them their whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. They're God's lonely people." Who makes you feel the loneliest? Share Your Thoughts Here I exclude superhero, non-human (animated, vampire, dracula, monster, etc) and sole-survivor / trapped in a lone situation like Castaway or Life of Pi This is a re-creation of a poll that was published on May 02, 2015.

Nicolas Winding Refn Trivia

The Neon Demon (2016), the new film by Nicolas Winding Refn, was released on June 24, 2016 in the United States. Which piece of trivia regarding the offbeat director or his previous films do you find most intriguing? Discuss here

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Which of the following female characters, some fictional but many based on real women, best represents women's liberation and the progress made? After voting, feel free to discuss here. (All of these characters are adults; for a related poll of trailblazing girls, vote here.)

Oscar Winners' Superhero Alter Egos

Despite all their superpowers, movie superhero characters can't seem to win an Oscar. Alas, superhero characters can at least hope to win an Oscar by proxy of the actor or actress who portrays them, as these pairs have. Which Oscar winner and proxy movie superhero* alter ego combination is the most superior? * Movie superheroes are defined as fictional characters having mythical status and extraordinary or superhuman powers. Discuss the topic here.

They Got Away With Murder!

These are the characters who avoided the consequences of committing a murder. They were either found not guilty by a judge or were never even caught to begin with. Which of these movie characters would you put behind bars? WARNING: This poll contains MAJOR SPOILERS. After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote for: They Are Innocent!

Learning to Drive in the Desert

After a ban of more than 60 years, women in Saudi Arabia have been given the right to drive, starting on June 24, 2018. The first 10 licenses were issued on June 4. However, these new women drivers are only allowed women driving instructors. And, in theory, none (or very few) of the women who currently live in Saudi Arabia actually know how to drive. So women from other countries have been heading to the Middle East to help train new drivers. Which of these well-known lady drivers from TV or movies do you think would be the best driving instructor? Discuss the list here

Most Badass Movie Characters — Part II

These are other badass movie characters. Badass can be defined in a few ways, one of those definitions being an impressive and admirable person. This poll’s usage of the word does not connote admirable behavior; rather it’s meant as fierce, competent in their task, and intimidating. Which one of these characters do you think is the ultimate badass? Discuss here ______________________________________________________ Live Poll: Part I

Mysterious Movie Characters

Over the years, cinema has graced us with countless fascinating personalities with even more fascinating origins. For some characters, however, much of their allure stems from the fact that they have remained an enigma to us, mysterious characters whose pasts WE DEMAND TO LEARN MORE ABOUT. With many of them, we were either given their 'version' of their past or simply no backstory at all. Either way, we're left with questions. Which of these mysterious characters portrayed in film, and their surely fascinating pasts, would you be eager to learn more about? (Please note: In order to be eligible for this list, these characters must have a past, whether it being their childhood or background, that hasn't truly been explained in the films they have featured in and thus remain a general mystery to us.) After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Redheads Part 2

Which of these female characters with red hair do you find the most attractive? You can also vote for Characters with blue hair here! Discuss the list here!

Missing Oscar Categories

Which of the following categories would you most wish to be part of the Academy Awards? Discuss here