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Animal-Titled Best Picture Winners

Which of the four Best Picture winners with the name of an animal in the title is your favorite? After the vote, you might discuss the list here

Face-Off: Oscar Winners From Holland

As a Dutchman I feel it's my duty to represent some movies from the Netherlands. These three Dutch movies won an Oscar for 'Best Foreign Language Film'. Which movie do you think is the best? Or, which one would you like to see? You may discuss the poll here

Face-Off: "Black Mirror" vs. 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'

The normal format or the interactive format. What gives you more thrills? Discuss here.

Oscar-Nominated Movies at 20 in 2019

Which of these Oscar-nominated English-speaking movies released in 1999 is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Check Out That Hair! (Female Edition)

Stars are big - and their hair can be big, too! Which of these ladies' hairstyles is the most impressive? After voting, please discuss here.

Movie Sequels That Were Worth the Wait

We had to wait more than 10 years to see these sequels. Which is the best? You may discuss here

Scariest House on Film

Which house, haunted or just plain freaky, really gives you the creeps? Discuss the list here For larger size images of the houses, click here.

Angry Looking Characters

Which of these characters has the angriest look? Discuss the list here!

It's Time for Bed - Memorable Movie Moments Involving Beds

No - this isn't about sex, though there have been some memorable sex scenes over the years. This is about movie scenes that use a bed or mattress in a very memorable way. Which of these is your personal favorite? After voting, please discuss here.

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