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AFI's Unlisted Hollywood Female Legends

Following the male edition, here's the version dedicated to female icons. Indeed, just like for actors, the AFI unveiled its Top 25 actresses of the 20th century, female legends who graced the silver screen during Hollywood Golden Age (movie debut in or before 1950). Have a look at this list and you'll notice some other infuriating and disappointing absences of classic era female icons. Which of these actresses' absence do you find the most (unpleasantly) surprising? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Your Favorite Live Action Animal-Related Movie

What is your favorite animal-related movie with real animals? (Only real animals -- no animation -- in Dramas, Biographies, Comedies and Romance.) After voting, please discuss here.

Emmys 2018 — Outstanding Made for Television Movie

Which of the TV movies nominated for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards do you think should win? Discuss here after voting

Sitcoms That Epitomize Friendship

Sitcoms are often centered around the misadventures of a close group of friends. Which friend group depicted in a popular sitcom would you most like to be a part of? Or, similarly, which friend group do you see yourself fitting in with the best? Please note: Only non-animated sitcoms depicting a group of both male and female adults will be included (i.e. no high school-based sitcoms). After voting, you may Discuss the poll here

Best Hong Kong Movies

The influence of Hong Kong cinema can be seen far and wide. Bruce Lee remains a global icon, his martial arts movies classics. The groundbreaking action of The Matrix would never have come about if not for John Woo films and the action choreography of Yuen Woo-ping. Quentin Tarantino ripped off Ringo Lam’s City on Fire for his debut, 1992’s Reservoir Dogs. Moonlight owes much to the style of Wong Kar-wai films and the auteur was an influence acknowledged by Sofia Coppola when she collected the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation. While Oscar winning film, The Departed is a remake of Infernal Affairs. Which movie included in the list do you like the most? After voting, discuss here.

Best Third Installment in Movie Franchise

Which is the best third installment? After voting discuss here

In Memory of the Queen of Soul

World-famous singer Aretha Franklin has passed away at the age of 76. Her gospel-roots and R&B-style combined to create the most electric performances of the 1960s and beyond. Early on a DJ dubbed her the "Queen of Soul" and the moniker perfectly described both the woman and her career. Aretha was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame in 1987. She earned 18 Grammy Awards and sold over 75 million records worldwide. She was listed #9 on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Artists list. Among her other honors included a Grammy Legend Award, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Medal of Arts, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and she was a Kennedy Center Honoree. Her anthem, "Respect" was named the fifth greatest song of all time by Rolling Stone. Which of Ms. Franklin's many hit songs is your favorite? Want to talk about it? Click here!

Can't Wait for Christmas?

Is it ever too early to listen to Christmas music and/or watch holiday related movies or television episodes? Prematurely celebrate and/or commiserate here!

Movie Concepts

Based on the concept of the following movies (not the movies themselves), which one would you like to see as a saga, or as a TV series? A saga is a story about what happens to a group of characters over a long period of time, in this particular case, over a few movies. Discuss this poll here

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