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I'd Like To Visit ...

This is the list of European Capitals that have their names in movie and tv show titles. If you can choose one of them, which one would you like to visit? After voting, discuss here.

Song Written by Madonna for a Motion Picture

One of the most influential music stars of its generation, Madonna is known, among many things, for her work in Motion Pictures. She has written various songs for films in her career. Which is your favorite song written by Madonna for a motion picture? (not counting songs perfomed by her but written by someone else) Poll by Pencho15 Discuss Here

Happy Record Store Day!

Record Store Day is held each year to celebrate independent record stores. In these days of giant box stores, streaming services and online behemoths like Amazon, the small "mom-and-pop" record stores are going out of business with increasing frequency. For this special day each year (April 21st in 2018) special recordings, re-releases and other limited items are available only in indie stores. To celebrate independent record stores and Record Store Day, which of these indie record stores would you most want to shop in? Discuss the list here

Greatest Crime-Fighting "Nerds" (TV)

Every crime fighting team needs one (or more) geniuses - from elite hackers to brilliant engineers and biochemists, which one of these TV "nerds" would you most want to have on YOUR team? After voting, discuss here. (I have limited choices to characters on shows that have been on air in 2009 or later and which have run for at least 3 seasons.)

Favorite "GLOW" Character

Which Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling team member is your favorite "GLOW" character? Discuss the topic.

The 'It' Face-Off: Bryce Dallas Howard vs. Jessica Chastain

There will be a second part of the horror-blockbuster It. The female teenage lead role was played by Sophia Lillis, and the planned sequel is set 27 years later. By looking at the IMDb-site of the sequel It: Chapter Two, Jessica Chastain got the role as the adult Beverly Marsh. I think Bryce Dallas Howard would also have been a good choice. Who do you think is more appropriate for the role? Discuss here. :) Here are some examples to compare the faces: Sophia Lillis #1 Bryce Dallas Howard #1 Jessica Chastain #1 and Sophia Lillis #2 Bryce Dallas Howard #2 Jessica Chastain #2 Special thanks to Jessica for her excellent help, and big thank you to Stephen Atwood, leavey-2, rubyfruit76 & Dan_Dassow for their help and suggestions. :D

Face-Off: Stop-Motion Animation, Wes Anderson vs. Tim Burton

Wes Anderson and Tim Burton are two gifted directors who have a lot in common. Both have unique and immediately recognizable visual styles. Both are very imaginative storytellers. And also, both have directed a couple of animated movies using the same technique, the stop-motion. Which one of these directors, as animated movie director, do you prefer the most? After voting, you can discuss here.

Tomb Raider Face-Off: Angelina Jolie vs. Alicia Vikander

Which version of Lara Croft is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Cameron Diaz Knows When to Quit

Cameron Diaz recently announced that she has retired from acting. She is 45 years old (41 when she played her last part) and joins other stars who decided to stop acting at a fairly young age - Greta Garbo (36), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (23), Phoebe Cates (38) and more. While we each have our favorite films and characters, which of her most popular film characters will future audiences consider Cameron's signature role? Discuss the list here

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