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Is Acting in Prequels Ever a Good Idea?

The defeat of Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) is just another example of an unsuccessful prequel. So why would an actor EVER want to play an established character in a prequel, with such potential failure on the horizon? Seems like a zero-sum game. So the question is, despite this conclusion, which of these actors in a prequel do you think actually gave the best performance? Want to talk about it? Click here! * De Niro as Don Corleone is, of course, the exception that proves the rule and, thus is not included

Teddy Talk

Which of these top talking teddy bears from movies is your favorite? Discuss here after voting

Favorite "The Walking Dead" Couple

Which couple from 'The Walking Dead' series is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Face-Off: 'A Star Is Born' vs. 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

The two most popular musical films of 2018 have become box office hits. Both have award buzz behind them, and both were added into the IMDb's Top 250 shortly after their release. One is a remake of one of the most beloved stories in film history, the other the biopic of a rock star that defined a generation. Which of them is your favorite? Discuss Here Poll by Pencho15 And you can also vote on your favourite Queen Soundtrack here And for your favourite version of A Star is Born here

Best Samuel L. Jackson Performance in a Tarantino Movie

Which performance by Samuel L. Jackson in a film directed by Quentin Tarantino do you think is the best? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. [Note: Only main characters are included. Samuel L. Jackson was also appeared as Rufus in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004), but that is for a very short time.]

Face-Off: The Office(s)

Which version of The Office is better, the US or the UK? Discuss this poll here

Most Entertaining Cameo of Stan Lee in an MCU Movie

When we talk about Marvel comics, Stan Lee's name always comes to our mind. Besides being the writer of comics and creator of numerous Marvel Characters, he is also known as a cameo king and his cameos in MCU movies are the highlights of the show. On 12th November, 2018, Stan Lee died at the age of 95. His contributions to the comic industry and uplifting Marvel Comics will never be forgotten. His greatest goal in life was to entertain people. Out of these cameos of Stan Lee in MCU movies, which one did you find most entertaining? With a heavy heart, you can talk about the departed soul here.

An Invitation for Dinner

Which is the best movie about a dinner at home? Discuss here after voting

Worldwide Blockbusters That Lack Domestic Appeal

These select movies accomplished what few films ever have; they became international hits with relatively meager box office contributions from American and Canadian moviegoers. Despite wide domestic theater releases (700+), all accumulated 25% or less of their total worldwide box office from North American audiences. In spite of this, all of these films raked in at least $250 million in worldwide ticket sales. By comparison, most blockbusters typically get a kick start of about 35-55% of their worldwide gross from North American moviegoers alone. Source: Box Office Mojo Which of these worldwide blockbusters* with more appeal to global audiences than North American ticket buyers is the best one? * limit one answer slot per franchise, 100,000+ IMDb votes Discuss the topic here.

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